About Me

I’m a freelance journalist and have been writing articles for national newspapers and magazines for 15 years.

I also take on content marketing, public relations and copywriting projects for businesses, helping them promote their brand online and in print.

Writing is my passion and I’ve worked for a wide range of publications from The Times to The Daily and Sunday Mirror, Mail Online, Grazia, Heat, Closer and real life magazines like Bella, Take A Break and Woman’s Own.

I’ve covered every kind of real life story you can imagine, from the first man in the UK to marry his mother in law to a woman who runs a boot camp for unruly dogs.

I enjoy writing about celebrities and have interviewed sporting personalities, actresses, musicians and plenty of reality TV stars.

Newspapers employ me to carry out investigations and find them case studies for topical features, which can be a great way for clients to promote their business.

My experience, contacts and eye for a story help Public Relations, Content Marketing and Digital Media companies needing the expertise of an experienced writer give their story or campaign that extra lift to make it into the press.

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